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DR. WILLIAM L. BAUGHER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. studied at five universities and is a graduate of both Virginia Tech and Cornell University. He has worked in food product development since 1971, studying heat induced reactions that take place within animal tissues and cells. At Proctor and Gamble Company he produced three patents: meat flavoring for analogs, a freeze/thaw stable frozen dessert and gelatinization of flavored vegetable oils. At PFW Flavors, a division of Hercules, Bill developed a line of processed flavors called the "Hot Line Flavors" which are retort and shelf stable. He also developed the "Luxor KB, GR, E and MB" series of hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. Both of these flavor lines are currently sold worldwide. As Vice-President--Technical for Universal, Bill coordinated research programs on a worldwide basis and visited operations in six countries, as well as creating the process flavor laboratory in Indianapolis. He is particularly proud of developing the reaction technology used to flavor French fries. Using this technology, the manufacturer was able to reduce the cholesterol level fifty fold in the fries and still retain the beefy flavor character.

As founder of Blue Mountain Enterprises in 1988 and primary flavor creator, Bill Baugher enjoys his role as President and Certified Food Scientist.


DR. JONATHAN L. BAUGHER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. graduated from James Madison University and North Carolina State University. He has literally grown up in the food product development world, benefitting from close association with the business. Besides Blue Mountain Enterprises, Jon has interned at the Stanford Research Institute, as well as worked at Frito Lay-Pepsi, developing products on their shelf-stable Dips team. The focus of his Master's research was functional genomics, developing methods to increase the functionality probiotics and other common yogurt bacteria. Throughout his doctoral research, his primary focus was food safety, identifying key mechanisms for norovirus attachment to fresh produce items such as raspberries and strawberries.

Jon has held leadership positions with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) at the university and national level, serving a 3 year term as President of IFT Student Association and the IFT Board of Directors. He is currently is completing a 2 year term as a Board member of IFT Feeding Tomorrow.

Currently, Jon is Manager of Scientific Affairs for Blue Mountain Flavors. He is supervising the laboratory staff and assisting with SQF certification preparedness. Primarily, he intends to be on the road visiting customers and presenting technical seminars highlighting Blue Mountain products.


LAURA E. BAUGHER KEY, A.S., B.S., M.S. graduated from East Carolina University but she has been working primarily at Blue Mountain Enterprises since she finished high school in 1991. Her college focus was accounting and today Laura is Operations Manager. Her primary function has been government and third party audit preparedness. She is a Certified Food Defense Coordinator preparing to be our onsite SQF practitioner. Creating a functioning operation, hiring necessary personnel and training them to Blue Mountain and certification standards has occupied most of her time the past several years. Past experience preparing materials and arrangements before manning show booths has been temporarily side-lined for this mother of six, but Laura continues to be involved in daily supervision of operations, especially during recent acquisition and renovation of additional production facilities.


TERESA B. BAUGHER, B.S. graduated from Radford University and began her career as a teacher of high school French and English. As the original employee of Blue Mountain Enterprises, Teresa as held many positions through 28 years of on-the-job training. Through daily contact with Bill and customers, she has acquired significant knowledge of the flavor industry. Her current title is Corporate Secretary/Treasurer where she primarily manages banking and taxes, accounts receivable and payable, as well as human resources, payroll, benefits and office co­ ordination. Bill is fond of saying: "We have an agreement where I make the money and she spends it." Teresa especially enjoys traveling with Bill to meet customers around the world and long-time associates at industry events.

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